Cookies Policy

The Novocure GmbH, Park 6, CH-6039 Root D4 (the «Novocure GmbH») is the controller for the Novocure group’s processing under this Privacy Notice, unless we tell you otherwise in an individual case, for example in additional privacy notices, on a form or in a contract. However, unless we tell you otherwise, this Privacy Notice also applies where a group company of the Novocure group is the controller, instead of the Novocure GmbH. This applies, in particular, where your data is processed by a group company in the context of its own legal obligations or contracts with such a group company, where data is exchanged with a group company, or where you otherwise interact with a group company. In these cases, the group company is the controller, and only if it starts sharing your data with other group companies for their own purposes (see Section 6), will they become controllers of their own.